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ecoexperts designs, develops and implements master control systems for critical infrastructure and utilities, such as tunnels, energy farms, ensuring that they are constantly available for use, secure from cyber attacks and scalable for the future.

In order to safely control an increasingly diverse system landscape and to provide flexible investment scenarios for infrastructure projects, ecoexperts creates master control solutions using its own, open control system framework. This means that both legacy systems as well as new technologies from various vendors can be safely and reliably integrated into the total solution. This provides our customers with both technical and investment safety, gives them far more technical options, and ensures an upgrade pathway for the future.

ecoexperts & RadeRunner

Get technical diversity under your control

All the thousands of diverse systems in any modern tunnel or other critical infrastructure are controlled from one point, via one modern and intuitive user interface. The open nature of our control system means it interfaces with systems and technologies, independent of supplier.

Ensure maximum security and minimum risk

The ecoexperts control solution is a software layer that provides an umbrella of security against cyber attacks and system failures, regardless of the diversity of the sub-systems. It also includes pioneering Dynamic Risk Monitoring, that pre-empts traffic risks and adjusts traffic management accordingly. (Tunnel and Traffic applications only)

Take your legacy with you

The beauty of the system is that you can integrate legacy hardware, as well as the newest technologies. So no need to replace everything. Modernize step by step and protect previous investments.

Create a springboard for the future

The world is changing fast. As we head towards autonomous driving, decentralized energy systems, digitized utilities and much more, you need a system that can easily interface to the technologies of the future, as well as providing data for analytics, consumer apps and beyond.

Implement on time with minimum disruption

Automated fast-track processes, including simulation and pre-testing, paired with great technology and decades of experience mean that projects run with astounding efficiency.


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