The smart way to safety traffic tunnels

With its Smart Services, ECOexperts Automation enables dynamic risk assessment in tunnels and on roads. Predictive analytics and machine learning play an increasingly important role – and immensely increase traffic safety. The know-how of the company based in the Lebring Impulse Center is in demand all the way to Australia. And in one of the 5 most complex tunnel systems in the world, you trust the expertise of ECOexperts.

How a tunnel is designed and equipped depends on a risk analysis: how high will the traffic be? What is the expected share of dangerous goods transportation? These assumptions are the basis of the risk analysis. And also the design of the technical equipment of the tunnels and roads. Such analyzes, based on the actual data and availability of the installed technology, have so far hardly been carried out during the ongoing operation of a tunnel, says Franz Rindler, Managing Director of the ECOexperts company located in the Lebring Impulse Center. The company offers smart services that continuously and proactively collect risk assessments based on current traffic figures and the availability of technical infrastructure. “With our dynamic model, we are constantly recording all relevant data, e.g. B. the speed and type of vehicles that are traveling.

In this way, a risk assessment can be carried out in real time. A large number of parameters and data are calculated and ultimately evaluated in a complex model based on statistically collected data. ”The operators use a simple step system to see whether the expected risk value is within a defined range. In addition, when critical values are reached, the system automatically suggests measures to the operator in order to be able to continue operation safely. And very important: “Our Smart Service also gives recommendations for action. For example, by reducing the speed limit from 80 to 60 km / h, the green risk zone is reached again. “

Predictive Analytics improve security aspexts and reduce operation costs

Reasearch and development work at ECOexperts is focused on predictive analytics. The focus is on a dynamic risk model (DRM) that enables forecast calculations. Rindler explains the Smart Service: “A machine learning algorithm can calculate an expected traffic volume based on historical data. This allows you to react in advance and take precautions. Operational reliability increases and operating costs can be reduced. The operators benefit from a dynamic assessment of the safety equipment and the associated risk of the entire system. ”The development of this smart service was also supported by the SFG funding program“ Ignite Ideas ”.