IPC Gateway Controller

With the ECO-IoT controller, traffic engineering facilities can be controlled via various communication protocols. The ECO- IoT controller has a web interface through which the parameters are set.

Various serial protocols can be provided via Ethernet with the ECO- IoT controller. By choosing the communication protocols such as OPC UA or NTCIP, different security levels can be implemented in the transmission.

The ECO- IoT Controller is based on Raspberry® Compute Module 3+ and is equipped with a modular and powerful system software.

Available variants

  • ECO-T1-A-1RS485-XT
  • ECO-T1-A-6DI6DO-XT
  • ECO-T1-A-12DI12DO-XT
  • ECO-T1-A-32DI30DO-XT
  • (further versions on request) 

Technical Data

  • Basic system: Raspberry® Compute Module 3+
  • Flash memory: 32GB
  • main memory: 1MB
  • Clock: integrated real-time clock with battery backup
  • Interfaces: 1xRS485, 2xUSB 2.0, 1xEthernet
  • Diagnostic LED: 4 status-LEDs
  • DIP switch: 8-way DIP switch for application parameterization
  • Operating system: Raspbian Linux
  • Power supply: 12V to 48V
  • Operating temperatur: -25°C to +60°C
  • Case: 4 pitch units (4TE)
  • Approval/Marking: CE
  • Parameterization/configuration: Integrated web interface (HTTPS)

Supported standardized protocols

  • OPC UA Server / Client
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Server / Client
  • ModbusTCP / ModbusRTU
  • NTCIP*
  • SNMP3.0
  • TLS
  • …*

(* further protocols on request)

Supported manufacturer-specific protocols

  • VEK S4 Protokoll
  • ADEC Protokoll
  • Swarco Verkehrszeichen*
  • Forster Verkehrszeichen*
  • Janitza
  • …*

(* further protocols on request)

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