A22 Kaisermühlentunnel is the longest city tunnel in Vienna (Austria) with a length off 2.2 km and a daily traffic volume of more than 125.000 vehicles. The Kaisermühlentunnel is the most complicated traffic tunnel in Austria with two lanes in one direction an ten ramps.

Functional scope

  • engineering, constuction, installation, commissioning
  • FAT and SAT
  • more than 100.000 data points
  • 2 operator client workstations
  • 184 managed network switches
  • 12 redundant hot-standby PLCs
  • 102 OPCUa clients
  • 74 traffic gateway controller
  • 40 jet fans (90kW electrical power)
  • 185 IP video cameras
  • 85 electrical cabinets
  • 240 traffic signs
  • 700 km electrical cabling
  • 15 km fibre laser
  • 1587 LED tunnel lights
  • 52 emergency call stations

The electrical and safety equipment was refurbished under operation. All works were done during night-shifts only with individual lane closures. The complete electrical installation was built parallel to the operational system. In consideration of the traffic volume, the number of traffic lanes and many ramps, the ventilation system is very complicated. With a specially developed tunnel ventilation simulator, the control loops for the fans, can be tested during operation, and helped to reduce the schedule duration.

The control systems and communication networks were designed as high availability fully redundant system. High demands on security and flexibility were solved by using the newest SCADA technology – acuradeITS. acuradeITS is a web based SCADA technology which amongst other things provides multi-vendor support, redundancy functions and secure data communication.

ECOexperts delivered this project as general contractor in partnership with EQOS Energie Austria.