SCADA (OMCS and PMCS) refurbishement A10 Tauernautobahn UFT St. Andrä

Technical Data / Scope

  • Redundant Server
  • operator station
  • 2 redundant PLC Control units
  • 7 remote IO-units
  • communication to fire detection system ModbusRTU
  • communication to traffic detection system with CANOpen
  • communication to video managenment system IEC 60870-5-104

The UFT St. Andrä is located on the A10 Tauern Autobahn between the ABM Zauchen and the Oswaldibergtunnel. It has a length of 480 meters and consists of 2 structurally separate tubes, each with 2 lanes in one directional lane.

Project description
The control system exchange project for the A10 Tauern Autobahn UFT St. Andrä includes the replacement of the existing control and visualization components and the renovation of the electrical system. The electrical devices run in 2 electronic ones. For the connection of the height control, an access point is connected, which takes over height detection and the switching of the height control lights.

For the regulation of traffic 10 pieces 3begr. Traffic lights where converted to LED technology. The lighting control has been newly implemented and reacts to changes in the outside, inside and entrance luminance. Traffic detection has also been modernized.

When implementing the functions and creating the individual objects, special attention was paid to the planning manual-specific execution specifications for visualization and data communication.